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2020-11-22: Akron Ohio

2020-11-17: Electro-acupuncture vs. sham electro-acupuncture for chronic severe functional constipation: A …


2020-11-14: Akron Ohio

2020-11-11: Byron Katie “What does non-attachment mean? It means not believing anything you think. Attachment means …

2020-11-10: Acupuncture Allergy Relief Confirmed…

2020-11-01: Akron Ohio

2020-10-31: John Daido Loori “Yüan-wu was apparently the first to teach that kung-an were not simply the dead records of an …

2020-10-29: Acupuncture inhibits neuroinflammation and gut microbial dysbiosis in a mouse model of …

2020-10-26: Ezra Bayda “But “ego” is just a concept describing a cluster of preconceived judgments that is definitely …

2020-10-25: Akron Ohio

2020-10-21: Acupuncture Stops Pain Finding At Tufts University

2020-10-18: Akron Ohio

2020-10-13: Roshi Bernie Glassman “Delusion and enlightenment are both going on at the same time. They’re two sides of the same …

2020-10-12: Zenkai Blanche Hartman “Our practice is to help people, and to help people, we find out how to practice our way in …

2020-10-11: Akron Ohio

2020-10-11: Akron Ohio

2020-10-10: Akron Ohio

2020-10-08: Acupuncture Proven Effective For Migraine Relief…

2020-10-07: Akron Ohio

2020-09-29: Sheng Yen: “Strive to be your best in whatever situation you find yourself; don’t act out some …

2020-09-28: Shohaku Okumura “Shikantaza is often used as an approach to meditation practice, meaning sitting without using …

2020-09-27: Porch Life

2020-09-27: Akron Ohio

2020-09-24: John Daido Loori “Zazen is completely different from other meditations. It is not a matter of philosophical or …

2020-09-21: Jeff Bridges, Bernie Glassman “Abiding nowhere, raise the mind of compassion. The Dude abides nowhere, which is the same as …

2020-09-20: Akron Ohio

2020-09-18: MRIs Predict Acupuncture Migraine Success…

2020-09-17: Alan Watts “If life comes, this is life. If death comes, this is death. There is no reason for your being …

2020-09-17: Acupuncture And Herbs Lower Cholesterol Finding…

2020-09-15: Jeff Bridges, Bernie Glassman “The Bodhisattva sees that there is no separate self and that everything is one, but in order …

2020-09-13: Akron Ohio

2020-09-08: Shunryu Suzuki The only effort that will help you is to count your breathing, or to concentrate on your inhaling …

2020-09-08: Frank Ostaseski “The gaps are not the enemy. The transitions, the in-between places in life, are where I find …

2020-09-06: Akron Ohio

2020-09-05: Acupuncture And Herbs Reverse Facial Paralysis Finding

2020-09-02: Acupuncture And Herbs Lower Cholesterol Finding

2020-08-30: Akron Ohio

2020-08-29: Hui-Neng “It was for this reason that some Zen masters advised their disciples, “When you meet the Buddha, …

2020-08-27: Shunryu Suzuki “Although we practice zazen every morning in the same way, that is no reason to …

2020-08-25: Shohaku Okumura “When we are in samādhi there’s no separation between the person sitting and …

2020-08-24: Hui-Neng “Hui-neng does not teach people to assume a meditation posture, then to focus their attention …

2020-08-24: Spotlight on acupuncture in laboratory animal medicine…

2020-08-23: Akron Ohio

2020-08-23: Acupuncture inhibits neuroinflammation and gut microbial dysbiosis in a mouse model of …

2020-08-21: Byron Katie “Let’s stay right here and now, and investigate how the mind works. The world you see is a …

2020-08-21: Shohaku Okumura ““Neither being nor nonbeing” refers to form and emptiness. There’s actually no such thing as …

2020-08-20: Shohaku Okumura “To see the true reality of all beings means that we live together with all beings; we feel …

2020-08-17: Kazuaki Tanahashi “Once we accept the fact that body, heart, and mind are inseparable, we can …

2020-08-16: Akron Ohio

2020-08-15: Akron Ohio

2020-08-13: Shunryo Suzuki “We do not slight the idea of attaining enlightenment, but the most important …

2020-08-12: Richfield Ohio

2020-08-10: Acupuncture reduced the medical expenditure in migraine patients: Real-world data of a 10-year …

2020-08-10: Acupuncture for recurrent urinary tract infection in women: a systematic review and meta-analysis …

2020-08-09: Akron Ohio

2020-08-06: Da Hui ““Just get to the root, don’t worry about the branches.” Emptying this mind is the root. Once …

2020-08-05: Acupuncture Beats Drugs For Hyperthyroidism​​

2020-08-04: Hui-Neng “Buddhist thinkers proposed two kinds of mind to explain the universal potential for …

2020-08-04: Shohaku Okumura “Zen practitioners in modern America cannot do exactly the same things Japanese monks did …

2020-08-04: Charlotte Joko Beck “Zen practice is shutting the door on a dualistic view of life, and this takes commitment. …

2020-08-02: Akron Ohio

2020-07-31: Sheng Yen “If you are aware of the orderliness and cleanliness of your surroundings, you can be more …

2020-07-30: Sokei-an Sasaki True religious experience takes time. You sow the seed of a peach or a chestnut tree, and it is …

2020-07-29: Akron Ohio

2020-07-27: Grace Shireson “While our inner life can be infinitely fascinating, the greatest benefit of spiritual …

2020-07-27: “Know that everything that appears in your mind or is seen through your eyes is illusion, devoid of …


2020-07-26: Akron Ohio

2020-07-26: Akron Ohio

2020-07-23: Arthritis and Complementary Health Approaches : What the Science Says …

2020-07-20: Electro-acupuncture alleviates adolescent cocaine exposure-enhanced anxiety-like behaviors in adult …

2020-07-17: ZM Seung Sahn When anything is wrong in our lives, we should look inside ourselves for the karmic hindrance. …

2020-07-17: Analgesic Effects Evoked by Real and Imagined Acupuncture: A Neuroimaging Study …

2020-07-14: Identifying patients with chronic pain who respond to acupuncture: results from an individual …

2020-07-13: Acupuncture MRI Discovery For Schizophrenia…

2020-07-12: Akron Ohio

2020-07-06: John Daido Loori “When your mind is moving, your awareness is narrowly focused by your …

2020-07-05: Akron Ohio

2020-07-04: Akron Ohio

2020-07-04: Acupuncture Stops Dental Surgery Pain And Bleeding

2020-06-30: Charlotte Joko Beck: “The process of practice is to see through, not to eliminate, anything to …

2020-06-28: Akron Ohio

2020-06-27: Evaluation of Acupuncture’s Efficacy Within Otolaryngology - PubMed

2020-06-23: Exploring Traditional Acupuncture Point Selection Patterns for Pain Control: Data Mining of …

2020-06-22: Byron Katie “But “no beings to liberate” is the simple truth, and the truth is what sets us free. Far from …

2020-06-22: Stephen Batchelor “Mazu was once asked, “What is the meaning of Buddhism?” He retorted, “What …

2020-06-20: Akron Ohio

2020-06-19: Hui-Neng In the Diamond Sutra, the Buddha explains that when we vow to liberate all beings, and we do so …

2020-06-18: YAKUO TOKUKEN- Death Poem 約翁徳儉 Died on the nineteenth day of the fifth month, 1320 at the age of …

2020-06-15: Acupuncture Intestinal Microflora Finding, Relieves Ulcer…

2020-06-14: Akron Ohio

2020-06-13: Akron Ohio

2020-06-13: Akron Ohio

2020-06-13: The effects of acupuncture on occipital neuralgia: a systematic review and meta-analysis - BMC …

2020-06-11: Stephen Batchelor “To integrate contemplative practice into life requires more than becoming proficient in …

2020-06-11: Hei-Neng “If you can correct your thoughts and give rise to wisdom and illuminate your own …

2020-06-09: Acupuncture Beats Drugs For Hives…

2020-06-08: John Daido Loori “The koan is simply a tool, an aid to self-inquiry and realization that, as Daido Roshi points …

2020-06-08: Jeff Bridges, Bernie Glassman: “One of the key messages of Shakyamuni Buddha was that …

2020-06-08: Acupuncture Treatment Modulates the Connectivity of Key Regions of the Descending Pain Modulation …

2020-06-07: Medicina - Free Full-Text - Acupuncture for the Relief of Chronic Pain: A Synthesis of Systematic …

2020-06-06: Acupuncture & Herbs Beat Drugs For Bronchiectasis Relief

2020-06-05: Gesshin Claire Greenwood “Because Dogen emphasized the unity of practice and enlightenment, she explained this means …

2020-06-04: Electro-Acupuncture Inhibits p66Shc-Mediated Oxidative Stress to Facilitate Functional Recovery …

2020-06-03: Brothers

2020-06-02: Charlotte Joko Beck In this whole back-and-forth process, there’s nothing but separation. How do we resolve it? We …

2020-06-01: John Daido Loori “The koan practice is first and foremost a religious practice, undertaken primarily not in …

2020-06-01: Akron Ohio

2020-05-29: Shunryu Suzuki “So when you practice zazen, there is no idea of time or space. You may say, “We started …

2020-05-28: Hui-Neng “Everyone’s physical body is a city. Your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin are the city’s …

2020-05-27: Akron Ohio

2020-05-25: Effect of Acupuncture on Serum Inflammatory Cytokines and Intestinal Flora in Rats With …

2020-05-24: Akron Ohio

2020-05-24: Regulation of Gene Expression After Combined Scalp Acupuncture and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation …

2020-05-23: Acupuncture Beats Drugs For Hives

2020-05-21: Ram Dass I’m doing the work of sadhana: bringing up the past and loving it.” “Loving it?” I ask. “Loving it …

2020-05-20: Shohaku Okumura “In zazen we are determined not to take action based on the thoughts coming …

2020-05-17: Akron Ohio

2020-05-16: Acupuncture for recurrent urinary tract infection in women: A systematic review and meta-analysis. - …

2020-05-16: Effect of acupuncture and its influence on cerebral activity in patients with persistent asthma: …

2020-05-15: Richfield Ohio

2020-05-14: Analgesic efficacy of laser acupuncture and electroacupuncture in cats undergoing ovariohysterectomy …

2020-05-13: Akron Ohio

2020-05-12: Venerable Master Hsuan Hua True reality has no attributes. That is the first explanation. Yet …

2020-05-12: Effects of auricular acupuncture on appetite in patients with advanced cancer: a pilot randomized …

2020-05-11: Bringing the Sacred to Life by John Daido Loori Zen practice is not an activity that takes place in …

2020-05-10: Akron Ohio

2020-05-10: Acupuncture And Herbs Found Effective For Lung Infections

2020-05-10: Fear of analgesic side effects predicts preference for acupuncture: a cross-sectional study of …

2020-05-10: Different Acupuncture Therapies for Allergic Rhinitis: Overview of Systematic Reviews and Network …

2020-05-09: Peninsula Ohio

2020-05-05: Acupuncture Severe Pneumonia Relief Findings…

2020-05-05: Effects of acupuncture versus cognitive behavioral therapy on cognitive function in cancer survivors …

2020-05-05: Effect of Acupuncture on Intraocular Pressure in Glaucoma Patients: A Single-Blinded, Randomized, …

2020-05-05: Effect of Acupuncture on Intraocular Pressure in Glaucoma Patients: A Single-Blinded, Randomized, …

2020-05-03: Akron Ohio

2020-05-02: “The practice of Zen Buddhism asks practitioners to take the path toward becoming a bodhisattva, …

2020-05-02: Akron Ohio

2020-05-01: Different Degree Centrality Changes in the Brain after Acupuncture on Contralateral or Ipsilateral …

2020-04-29: Akron Ohio

2020-04-28: Efficacy of Electro-acupuncture in Treatment of Functional Constipation: A Randomized Controlled …

2020-04-27: [Effect of electroacupuncture of “Hegu” (LI4) and “Zusanli” (ST36) on …

2020-04-25: Akron Ohio

2020-04-25: Acupuncture And Herbs Alzheimer’s Finding

2020-04-23: Effectiveness of Acupuncture for Lateral Epicondylitis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of …

2020-04-23: Effects of acupuncture versus cognitive behavioral therapy on cognitive function in cancer survivors …

2020-04-17: The effect of acupuncture on tumor growth and gut microbiota in mice inoculated with osteosarcoma …

2020-04-15: Akron Ohio

2020-04-13: Acupuncture And Herbs COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Findings…

2020-04-13: Acupuncture for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: An Overview of Systematic Reviews. …

2020-04-12: Akron Ohio

2020-04-11: Shohaku Okumura “I see the process of ordinary education as being like piling up blocks to make a building of …

2020-04-11: Porch Season, Akron Ohio

2020-04-10: “Study the way like boring wood to make fire. When smoke arises do not stop. Just wait until …

2020-04-08: Akron Ohio

2020-04-07: iTRAQ based proteomics analysis on insomnia rats treated with Mongolian medical warm acupuncture …

2020-04-05: Akron Ohio

2020-04-05: Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Patients Infected with 2019-New Coronavirus …

2020-04-01: Changes in sternocleidomastoid and descending portion of trapezius muscles in terms of …

2020-04-01: Acupuncture Found Effective Against Pneumonia-Induced Sepsis

2020-03-30: The efficacy and safety of acupuncture for Ramsay Hunt syndrome: A protocol for systematic review. …

2020-03-26: Thich Nhat Hanh “To love, in the context of Buddhism, is above all to be there. But being there is not an easy …

2020-03-26: Manual acupuncture for migraine…

2020-03-26: Manual acupuncture versus sham acupuncture and usual care for prophylaxis of episodic migraine …

2020-03-25: [Combined application of physiotherapy and acupuncture in patients with knee osteoarthrosis]. - …

2020-03-24: Acupuncture And Herbs COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Findings…

2020-03-22: Akron Ohio

2020-03-19: Sabine Wilms- The Highest Goodness is Like Water The highest goodness is like water. The goodness of water is such that it benefits the ten thousand …

2020-03-18: Akron Ohio

2020-03-16: Acupuncture Chemotherapy Neurotoxicity Prevention…

2020-03-15: Akron Ohio

2020-03-15: Akron Ohio. Emergency triage at Akron Children’s Hospital

2020-03-13: Richfield Ohio


2020-03-12: Soko Morinaga ‘I have gone on at great length about life in a Zen monastery, a subject that may seem totally …

2020-03-11: Acupuncture for pediatric sickle cell pain management: A promising non-opioid therapy. - PubMed - …

2020-03-10: [Effect of acupuncture at the anterior oblique parietotemporal line on gray matter remodeling in …

2020-03-03: Shinsu Roberts “We must keep trying to place out understanding in the realm of a buddha’s activity as our …

2020-03-02: Akron Ohio

2020-03-02: Acupuncture And Herbs Found Effective For Pneumonia Relief…

2020-02-24: Acupuncture-like Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Pain, Function, and Biochemical …

2020-02-23: Akron Ohio

2020-02-13: Shinsu Roberts “We must keep trying to place out understanding in the realm of a buddha’s activity as our …

2020-02-10: Larry Yang “Truly we don’t own land. We don’t work land. We don’t use land, and we don’t even exploit …

2020-02-09: Akron Ohio

2020-02-07: Jack Kornfield “Freedom is always found just where you are. Whether you are caring for a child, building a …

2020-02-06: The Integrative Veterinarian Podcast- Episode 1: Dr. Rick Palmquist …

2020-02-02: Pema Chödrön “We usually seek joy in the wrong places, by trying to avoid feeling whole parts of the human …

2020-02-02: Merriman Valley, Akron Ohio

2020-02-02: Skunk sighting

2020-01-31: Effect of hypnosis on pain and fear in the acupuncture subjects]. …

2020-01-31: [Effect of electroacupuncture at Shaoze (SI 1) on breast milk volume and composition in postpartum …

2020-01-30: The effect of treatment regimens on salivary cortisol levels in patients with chronic …

2020-01-30: Tatsugami Roshi “The Paramita Sutra, or the Heart Sutra, which we chant every morning, says that there is no …

2020-01-26: Akron Ohio

2020-01-25: Koun Yamada “All the anxieties and suffering of humanity stem from the paradox that while we are by …

2020-01-25: Akron Ohio

2020-01-24: Nyogen Senzaki “This mind is Buddha and no other, but one who clings to words and postulates …

2020-01-19: Akron Ohio

2020-01-19: Acupuncture Alleviates Depression Quantified

2020-01-17: Issho Fujita “In non-gaining zazen, the importance is placed on the way one is, moment by moment, rather …

2020-01-16: Acupuncture Angina Relief Confirmed…

2020-01-13: Acupuncture Alleviates Depression Quantified…

2020-01-12: Akron, Ohio

2020-01-12: Electroacupuncture for stress-related urinary incontinence in elderly women: data analysis from two …

2020-01-08: Acupuncture Plus Herbs Alleviate Post-Stroke Syndrome…

2020-01-07: Soko Morinaga “Awakening to your own original face – “enlightenment’” – does not mean being able to …

2019-12-28: Acupuncture Post-Op Osteoporosis Fracture Recovery Discovery

2019-12-25: Akron Ohio

2019-12-22: Akron Ohio

2019-12-18: Acupuncture Beats Drug For Dry Eyes

2019-12-15: Cuyahoga River, Akron Ohio

2019-12-12: Effects of acupuncture at Pericardium-6 and Stomach-36 on nausea, sedation and gastrointestinal …

2019-12-11: Comparison between the Effects of Acupuncture Relative to Other Controls on Irritable Bowel …

2019-12-10: Suzuki Roshi “Anyway we should listen to the birds singing; listen to the insects singing; if you are aware of …

2019-12-09: Les Murray “Everything except languageknows the meaning of existence.Trees, planets, rivers, timeknow …

2019-12-08: Sand Run Metropark, Akron Ohio

2019-12-08: Diane Eshin Rizzetto “Taking skillful action is doing the right thing, that which supports life. Yes, we may hope it does …

2019-12-07: Highland Square, Akron Ohio

2019-12-06: Dogen “When you sit upright with no idea of something to gain or something to realize, then …

2019-12-05: Issho Fujita “There is no other need to reach a certain state of mind as a goal or to attain a special …

2019-12-04: Richfield Ohio

2019-12-04: “Real love comes with a powerful recognition that we are fully alive and whole, despite our wounds …

2019-12-03: Soko Morinaga “The truly still mind, with which you were born, is the mind that moves freely. Without …

2019-12-01: Clinical evidence of Chinese medicine therapies for depression in women during perimenopause and …

2019-11-29: Huineng “If the mind dwells in nirvana, this is not the abode of bodhisattvas. Not dwelling in …

2019-11-23: Shinsu Roberts “If we understand our practice as attaining the absolute, we may encounter the problem of thinking …

2019-11-23: Stan Hywet, Akron Ohio

2019-11-22: Katagiri Roshi “There is no ‘right way’ of standing upright. To stand right is to let life go …

2019-11-20: Akron Ohio

2019-11-20: Acupuncture Restores Bladder Function For Diabetics

2019-11-18: Acupuncture Beats Drugs For Allergic Rhinitis Relief…

2019-11-17: Angel Falls Coffee, Akron Ohio

2019-11-16: North Canton Ohio

2019-11-16: Akron Ohio

2019-11-13: Diane Eshin Rizetto “Wholehearted effort is about fully engaged living. It encourages us to question our beliefs about …


2019-11-10: Yuanwu “It is simply a matter of being alive to meet the situation: sometimes you take away the person but …

2019-11-10: Akron Ohio

2019-11-09: Norman Fischer “The body is already awakened. The body knows precisely how to live the truth of …

2019-11-04: Shodo Harada “People who are specialists in training practice what they do until they can become totally one with …

2019-11-03: Akron Ohio

2019-11-03: Acupuncture as Adjunctive Therapy for Chronic Stable Angina: A Randomized Clinical Trial - …

2019-11-01: Acupuncture Postpartum Depression Success

2019-11-01: Acupuncture And Herbs Rival Drug For Restless Legs Syndrome

2019-11-01: Suzuki Roshi “Emptiness is form” is rather difficult to understand. The empti­ness which is the absolute goal we …

2019-10-31: Shohaku Okumura “Dogen is not saying that there is some absolutely right view (about the nature of water). …

2019-10-30: [Effect of preemptive electroacupuncture on pain reactions in primiparous parturients during vaginal …

2019-10-29: Kiezan: “Even with purity like an autumn flood reaching to the heavens, How can it compare …

2019-10-25: Charlotte Joko Beck “From our earliest moments in life, we are developing an ego-mind. There’s nothing intrinsically …

2019-10-24: Use of Acupuncture in Overweight/Obese Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Med Acupunct. 2019 Oct …

2019-10-24: Soko Morinaga “The heart, the life that is within you, is born in companionship with the environment. Your heart …

2019-10-23: Dogen “Unsurpassed bodhi is not for the sake of the self, not for the sake of others, not for the sake of …

2019-10-20: Painesville Township Fire Department Retiree Breakfast

2019-10-20: Akron Ohio

2019-10-14: Acupuncture And Massage Provide Insomnia Relief…

2019-10-14: Modulation of the autonomic nervous system through mind and body practices as a treatment for atrial …

2019-10-11: Acupuncture Found Effective For Traumatic Brain Injury…

2019-10-09: St. Vincent’s, Akron Ohio

2019-10-08: Normal Fisher “Integrity literally means “wholeness.” Wholeness means everything in your life is put …

2019-10-07: Karen Maezen Miller Whatever the scenery, our practice is the same. Our practice is to face and feel everything life is, …

2019-10-06: Akron Ohio

2019-10-02: Portage Path Community Learning Center, Akron Ohio

2019-10-02: Acupuncture for tension-type headache - Cochrane

2019-09-29: Akron Ohio

2019-09-27: Acupuncture Beats Drugs For Cognitive Impairment…

2019-09-26: Shantideva May beings never suffer anguish. Let them not be sick or feel ill will. May they have no …

2019-09-23: David Michie One of the most important meditation in Buddhism is contemplating the certainty of death. When we do …

2019-09-22: Akron Ohio

2019-09-18: Acupuncture Beats Drug For Herniated Disc Relief

2019-09-17: Acupuncture And Herbs Beat Drug For Ankylosing Spondylitis…

2019-09-17: Tara Brach “Even when it’s hard to appreciate goodness in someone, we can send lovingkindness anyway. At first …

2019-09-16: Dale S. Wright “Some gifts are so light and insubstantial that they can be given to others on a daily basis. One …

2019-09-15: Akron Ohio

2019-09-14: Akron Ohio

2019-09-13: Enkyo O’Hara “When we first come to Zen practice, many of us think that is is only about us individually. We …

2019-09-12: Suzuki Roshi “Without losing, you know, ourselves in city life, you know, to help others– how to help others is …

2019-09-11: Akron Ohio

2019-09-05: Book Review- Pit Bull Heroes, by Greg Murray I was greatly anticipating reading Greg Murray’s new book, Pit Bull Heroes. My wife and I first met …

2019-09-05: Koun Franz Dogen never speaks of realization as a one-time thing. You don’t say, Well, I got it. I’m done. …

2019-09-05: Acupuncture Postpartum Depression Success…

2019-09-03: Acupuncture Improves Spinal Cord Injury Bladder Function…

2019-09-03: [Acupuncture combined with medication improves endocrine hormone levels and ovarian reserve function …

2019-09-02: Kobun Chino “Where does breathing originate, what is the beginning and end of each in-breath, out-breath? Who, …

2019-09-01: Akron Ohio

2019-08-30: angel Kyodo williams “Beings are numberless. With practice I promise to notice them and see that there is no …

2019-08-30: Acupuncture For Rheumatoid Arthritis Success…

2019-08-27: Charlotte Joko Beck “Anxiety is always a gap between the way things are and the way we think they ought to be. Anxiety …

2019-08-26: Acupuncture as Adjunctive Therapy for Chronic Stable Angina A Randomized Clinical Trial …

2019-08-26: Kosho Uchiyama “When we actually do zazen, we shouldn’t be sleeping nor should we be caught up in our own thoughts. …

2019-08-25: Acupuncture Alleviates Menstrual Pain In Australia

2019-08-24: Acupuncture Beats Drug For Herniated Disc Relief

2019-08-23: Dogen “The great way originally has no names or words. Recognizing this principle, still we are …

2019-08-22: Robert Aitken Sitting alone in zazen I vow with all beings to remember I’m sitting together with …

2019-08-20: Shinsu Roberts “If we understand our practice as attaining the absolute, we may encounter the problem of …

2019-08-20: Acupuncture improves pregnancy rates…

2019-08-19: Seikki Harada “The main purpose of practice is to bring an end to the seeking mind and to live …

2019-08-18: Akron Ohio

2019-08-16: Charlotte Joko Beck “People often do just what we are objecting to. When they do what they do, however, it’s not …

2019-08-15: Robot-Controlled Acupuncture-An Innovative Step towards Modernization of the Ancient Traditional …

2019-08-13: Jakusho Kwong “In our meditation practice it is very important not to become lost entertaining …

2019-08-11: Route 8, Akron Ohio

2019-08-11: Columbus Crew v. FC Cincinnati

2019-08-10: Effectiveness of Acupuncture in Treatment of Simple Obesity in Animal Models: A Systematic Review …

2019-08-07: Martin Buber “Because we cannot circle above all existence—sleepless, unbroken, boundless, …

2019-08-06: Koun Franz “When you sit, just sit, but sit with all of your energy. Imagine trying to touch …

2019-08-06: Acupuncture And Herbs Alleviate Diabetic Neuropathy…

2019-08-04: Akron, Ohio

2019-08-02: FMZO Annual Retreat, Oneida NY

2019-07-31: Schneider Park, Akron Ohio

2019-07-29: Five Mountain Zen Order Annual Weekend Retreat, Oneida NY

2019-07-19: Acupuncture and Herbs Soothe Acid Reflux…

2019-07-18: Chardon Ohio

2019-07-18: Acupuncture Plus Herbs Found Effective For Insomnia Relief…

2019-07-15: Acupuncture for preventing migraine attacks (Cochrane Review)…

2019-07-15: Acupuncture thaws frozen shoulder…

2019-07-14: Highland Square, Akron Ohio

2019-07-12: Akron Ohio

2019-07-12: Pain Signals May Travel as Fast as Touch Signals in Human Nerve Cells …



2019-07-05: Akron Ohio

2019-07-05: Acupuncture And Herbs Anxiety Relief Beats Drug

2019-07-01: He’s pretty cool

2019-06-30: The Well CDC, Akron Ohio

2019-06-30: MAPFRE Stadium, Columbus Ohio

2019-06-30: Akron, Ohio

2019-06-30: MAPFRE Stadium, Columbus Ohio

2019-06-28: Professor Plum

2019-06-28: Professor Plum

2019-06-26: Highland Square, Akron Ohio

2019-06-25: “The minute you fixate on the recognition that “This is ‘it,‘” you are immediately bound …

2019-06-23: Acupuncture And Herbs Reduce Uterine Fibroids

2019-06-23: The Neuroscience of Nonpharmacological Traditional Chinese Therapy (NTCT) for Major Depressive …

2019-06-23: Cuyahoga River, Akron Ohio

2019-06-22: Akron, Ohio

2019-06-20: Katagiri Roshi “Life is constantly springing up. It’s just like spring water coming out of the ground. You …

2019-06-20: Acupuncture And Herbs Optimize Liver Cirrhosis Treatment

2019-06-19: Jean

2019-06-19: Current status

2019-06-17: Acupuncture and Herbs Soothe Acid Reflux…

2019-06-16: Sand Run, Akron Ohio

2019-06-14: Electroacupuncture inhibits visceral pain via adenosine receptors in mice with inflammatory bowel …

2019-06-13: Acupuncture Ups Drug Benefits For Heart Arrhythmias…

2019-06-10: Akron, Ohio

2019-06-03: Lorna B

2019-05-31: Acupuncture Outperforms Drug For Anxiety…

2019-05-27: Highland Square, Akron Ohio

2019-05-26: Sand Run Metropark, Akron Ohio

2019-05-23: Reduction of Benzodiazepine Use in Patients Prescribed Medical Cannabis …

2019-05-23: Jakusho Kwong “ In a Zen temple or monastery collecting garbage is one of the most important jobs. When we pick up …

2019-05-21: Shohaku Okumura “Even though our day-to-day activity is incomplete, without it there’s no Buddha’s mind, no Buddha’s …

2019-05-20: Shinsu Roberts- “Each moment is a fresh moment that we can enact to the best of our ability. Each …

2019-05-19: Zenju Earthlyn Manuel “True home is not an object to acquire or item to check off a to-do list. Nor is it a marker of …

2019-05-19: [Effects of electroacupuncture on sympathetic nerve-related substance in myocardial tissue in mice …

2019-05-18: Pinto takeover Akron, Ohio

2019-05-17: Akron Children’s Hospital

2019-05-17: Suzuki Roshi- “Actually, if you are a Zen student, then you should be very– or you should be always …

2019-05-16: The things they left behind

2019-05-16: Post-Breakfast Nap

2019-05-16: A Prospective Pilot Randomized Study: Electroacupuncture vs. Sham Procedure for the Treatment of …

2019-05-16: Effects of intensity of electroacupuncture on chronic pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis: a …

2019-05-16: Sylvia Boorstein- “Right Aspiration is what develops in the mind once we understand that freedom of …

2019-05-15: Katagiri Roshi - The Light That Shines Through Infinity “In the realm of science, or business, …

2019-05-14: “A kitchen chore will often tether us to a place: the sink, the chopping board, the stove. This is a …

2019-05-13: An Update on Safety and Side Effects of Cannabidiol: A Review of Clinical Data and Relevant Animal …

2019-05-13: Cannabinoid CB1 and CB2 Receptor Signaling and Bias …

2019-05-13: Cannabis and Pain: A Clinical Review …

2019-05-13: (In the Zen tradition especially, there is a lot of emphasis places on “not thinking.” In …

2019-05-12: Painesville Township Fire Department Retirees Breakfast

2019-05-12: Mother’s Day

2019-05-12: “We often confuse acceptance with approval. Acceptance is a loving act of an open heart. Approval is …

2019-05-11: “There are many contemplative practices: Moonlight sitting, sunlight sitting, snow sitting, rain …

2019-05-10: The effects of acupuncture on the secondary outcomes of anxiety and quality of life for women …

2019-05-10: “Your life constantly gives you a chance, a great opportunity to touch the truth. If you touch it, …

2019-05-09: Acupuncture Painkilling Relief For Shingles Found…

2019-05-08: [Clinical trial of treatment of frozen shoulder by intensive moxibustion plus acupuncture]. - PubMed …

2019-05-08: [A clinical trial of treatment of primary insomnia of patients with qi-stagnation constitution by …

2019-05-07: “It is a most beautiful and difficult thing to be human. Waking up in this human experience is not …

2019-05-06: When you study this Path, before you’ve gained an entry, it feels endlessly difficult. When you hear …

2019-05-05: “I don’t necessarily want to give a lecture. I just want to live with you: moving stones, having a …

2019-05-05: Sunday

2019-05-05: Signal Tree, Akron Ohio

2019-05-03: ‘Mindfulness… expresses our sincere appreciation for the gift of life. Mindfulness transports us …

2019-05-02: “You think that you can only establish true practice after you attain enlightenment, but it is not …

2019-05-01: Reasons for Meditation ‘Meditating for personal salvation does not generate great wisdom. In fact, the static power of …

2019-05-01: Using meta-regression approach to explore the dose-response association between acupuncture sessions …

2019-04-28: Dogen: ‘Quietly think over whether life and all things that arise together with life are inseparable …

2019-04-28: Akron Ohio

2019-04-26: Manual or electroacupuncture as an add-on therapy to SSRIs for depression: A randomized controlled …

2019-04-26: Effectiveness of Acupuncture Used for the Management of Postpartum Depression: A Systematic Review …

2019-04-20: The Health Benefits of Acupuncture and How It Works

2019-04-19: Central mechanisms of real and sham electroacupuncture in the treatment of chronic low back pain: …

2019-04-16: Acupuncture Reverses Chemotherapy Side Effects…

2019-04-12: Akron Ohio

2019-04-12: 1/3 of Human cancer patients use alternative medicine…

2019-04-07: Akron Ohio

2019-04-05: Live this Life ‘When we are investigating Zen, we’re just investigating how to live this life. I don’t know of …

2019-03-24: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

2019-03-23: Application of metabolomics in viral pneumonia treatment with traditional Chinese medicine - Chinese …

2019-03-22: The effectiveness and safety of acupuncture therapy in depressive disorders: Systematic review and …

2019-03-12: A New Definition of an Acupuncture Meridian…

2019-03-03: The Serological Response in Dogs Inoculated With Canine Distemper Virus Vaccine at the Acupuncture …

2019-02-27: Acupuncture Muscle Regeneration Discovery

2019-02-27: Effect of minimal acupuncture for infantile colic: a multicentre, three-armed, single-blind, …

2019-02-21: Professor Plum goes upside down again

2019-02-14: Acupuncture For Autism Found Effective

2019-01-31: Tight squeeze

2019-01-29: Cannabis and Cannabinoid ResearchAhead of Print Free Access A Cost-Effectiveness Model for …

2019-01-27: A wonderful new film by Patagonia- “Treeline”

2019-01-26: Acupuncture Heals Stomach Ulcers And Alleviates Gastritis

2019-01-26: Towpath Trail, Akron Ohio

2019-01-14: Genetic Predictors of Response to Acupuncture for Aromatase Inhibitor–Associated Arthralgia Among …

2019-01-08: Acupuncture Increases Fertility Treatment Success…

2018-12-30: Acupuncture Found Effective For Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief

2018-12-30: Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath

2018-12-27: Hijinks before the patients start rolling in

2018-12-23: Akron Ohio

2018-12-22: Acupuncture Pain Relief After Knee Surgery Lowers Morphine Use

2018-12-21: Acupuncture for delayed emptying of the stomach…

2018-12-18: Acupuncture as Adjuvant Therapy for the Management of Cervical Dystonia. …

2018-12-13: Acupuncture Increases Drug Efficacy For Trigeminal Neuralgia…

2018-12-11: Constitution, Korean Medicine and the Power of Food • Tracy Stewart • Qi062 …

2018-12-09: Akron Ohio

2018-12-08: Acupuncture Benefits Sleep In Lab And Clinical Trials

2018-12-08: Acupuncture Promotes Ankle Injury Recovery

2018-12-07: Acupuncture MRI Results After Ischemic Stroke…

2018-12-06: Acupuncture IBS Relief Proven With Biomarkers…

2018-12-01: Acupuncture Meniere’s Disease Recovery

2018-11-30: ‘Spiritual practice must be carried out quietly and calmly because a passage to freedom opens to you …

2018-11-30: Acupuncture might have contributed to improving amenorrhoea in a top athlete …

2018-11-29: Acupuncture Sciatic Nerve Neuroprotective Mechanism Found…

2018-11-27: Treatment of Inflammation with Chinese Medicine • Qi060 by Michael Max | With guest, Will Maclean …

2018-11-26: Another case of the Mondays

2018-11-26: Acceptability, Adaptation, and Clinical Outcomes of Acupuncture Provided in the Emergency …

2018-11-20: Neither difficult nor easy ‘Layman Pang was sitting in his thatched cottage one day, studying the sutras. “Difficult, …

2018-11-20: Engaging the channels: learning acupuncture with Dr. Wang Ju Yi • Jonathan Chang • Qi059 …

2018-11-17: Enlightenment Is a Male Fantasy - Lion’s Roar


2018-11-16: Four Vows ‘Beings are numberless. With practice I promise to notice them and see that there is no separation …

2018-11-12: Acupuncture Fights Influenza, Decreases Mortality Rate…

2018-11-09: Yoga: In Depth | NCCIH

2018-11-04: Akron

2018-11-02: Acupuncture and Counselling for Depression in Primary Care: A Randomised Controlled Trial

2018-10-30: Halloween hijinks

2018-10-30: Akron Ohio

2018-10-28: Acupuncture can help cancer treatment side effects | NewYork-Presbyterian

2018-10-26: Just Sit ‘If you want to be aware of yourself – what you are, who you are – you have to sit on the cushion in …

2018-10-24: Acupuncture MRI Discovery For Sciatica Relief

2018-10-16: The Science Behind Giving CBD & Cannabis to Cats & Dogs | Leafly

2018-10-16: Nei Jing Perspective on Life, the Universe and Acupuncture • Ed Neal • Qi054 …

2018-10-16: The Effect of Acupressure at Spleen 6 Acupuncture Point on the Anxiety Level and Sedative and …

2018-10-14: Akron Ohio

2018-10-14: Gastrointestinal effects following acupuncture at Pericardium-6 and Stomach-36 in healthy dogs: a …

2018-10-13: Acupuncture MRI Discovery For Sciatica Relief

2018-10-13: Acupuncture Promotes Bone Fracture Recovery

2018-10-10: REI presents- “Sky Migrations.” Great short film about migratory birds of prey. …

2018-10-09: Investigating Errors and Adverse Effects – Grist for the Mill of Practice • Daniel Schulman • Qi053 …

2018-10-07: 2018-10-03 Orlando 2018-10-06

2018-10-04: Acupuncture Outperforms Sham For COPD…

2018-10-02: Herbs: history, identification, granules and manufacturing • Eric Brand • Qi052 …

2018-09-30: Columbus Crew SC v Philadelphia Union

2018-09-27: Cuyahoga Sunset 549

2018-09-27: Research Finds Acupuncture Effective for Chronic Pain

2018-09-25: “Why doesn’t this work” is a good place to start - the unending cycle of learning and practice • …

2018-09-25: Acupuncture Improves Eyesight For Diabetics

2018-09-24: Acupuncture Improves Eyesight For Diabetics…

2018-09-23: Columbus v Colorado, Mapfre Stadium

2018-09-23: Akron

2018-09-22: Acupuncture for chronic pain and depression in primary care: a programme of research - NCBI …

2018-09-21: Acupuncture Relieves Aromatase Inhibitor–Related Joint Pain …

2018-09-21: Acupuncture: An Overview of Scientific Evidence

2018-09-21: Acupuncture Alleviates Depression And Benefits The Brain

2018-09-20: Acupuncture Found Effective For Postmenopausal Osteoporosis

2018-09-19: Cytoprotective effects of the medicinal herb Astragalus membranaceus on lipopolysaccharide‑exposed …

2018-09-18: Upper, Middle and Lower Class Herbs: An Investigation of Resonance • Andrew Nugent-Head • Qi050 …

2018-09-17: Cannabis for the Management of Cancer Symptoms: THC Version 2.0?…

2018-09-17: A Cross-Sectional Study of Cannabidiol Users…

2018-09-15: Akron, Ohio

2018-09-13: Acupuncture Found Effective For Bell’s Palsy With MRI…

2018-09-13: Acupuncture Promotes Bone Fracture Recovery

2018-09-11: Warm needle acupuncture in primary osteoporosis management: a systematic review and meta-analysis …

2018-09-11: Attending to the Flow: Attention and Needle Technique • Justin Phillips • Qi049 …

2018-09-10: Acupuncture Rivals Steroid Inhaler For COPD

2018-09-09: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapies for Psoriasis: A Systematic Review. - PubMed - NCBI

2018-09-08: Acupuncture Heart Disease Blood And Oxygen Benefit

2018-09-08: The Perception and Experience of Infertile Women Who Received Acupressure in Relation to Anxiety: A …

2018-09-05: Chill vibe countered by our City of Akron mandated Pit Bull sign.

2018-09-05: Acupuncture Summer Top 3

2018-09-05: Chronic Pain: In Depth | NCCIH

2018-09-04: Acupuncture For Alcoholism Confirmed

2018-09-04: Conversing with the body-mind: using words to get beyond words • Nick Pole • Qi048 - qiological

2018-09-02: Acupuncture May Help Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder | NCCIH

2018-09-02: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

2018-08-29: Acupuncture Plus Topical Herbs Facial Paralysis Recovery

2018-08-29: Acupuncture Knee Arthritis Treatments Found Effective

2018-08-25: Remodeled feral cat housing

2018-08-25: Study Explores the Molecular Basis of Chronic Pain Following Nerve Injury | NCCIH

2018-08-21: Lorna

2018-08-21: Acupuncture Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief Confirmed

2018-08-21: Dreams in East Asian Medicine Investigation of Dreams in East Asian Medicine • Bob …

2018-08-19: The New Wave of Psychedelics in Buddhist Practice - Lion’s Roar

2018-08-19: Protective effect of electro-acupuncture on liver ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats. - PubMed - …


2018-08-17: Acupuncture improves bone density in Osteoporosis patients Acupuncture Improves Bone Density For …

2018-08-16: Acupuncture for PMSAcupuncture and acupressure for premenstrual syndrome (PMS) | Cochrane

2018-08-14: Acupuncture Peptic Ulcer Relief Confirmed…

2018-08-14: Sam- The Acupunctureof Wandering Monks. Saam - The Acupuncture of Wandering Monks • Toby Daly • …

2018-08-13: Acupuncture or Plantar Fasciitis Acupuncture as a Therapeutic Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis - …

2018-08-12: Pinto

2018-08-12: Laser acupuncture effective for hypertension Laser acupuncture protocol for essential systemic …

2018-08-11: Acupuncture for headache Acupuncture for headache - Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health Publishing

2018-08-11: Acupuncture as good as conventional treatment for neck pain Journal of Chinese Medicine

2018-08-10: Torei ‘If you want to master this path, first you need the faculty of great faith. What is the faculty of …

2018-08-10: Acupuncture Relieves Pregnancy Pain

2018-08-10: Cannabis will soon be legal in Canada, but pot for pooches may take longer | CBC News

2018-08-09: Behind Schedule — Reconciling Federal and State Marijuana Policy | NEJM

2018-08-08: Kitten meets groundhog

2018-08-08: Should acupuncture be used in animal research?…

2018-08-07: Trigger Points: An Investigation of Dry Needling, Intra-Muscular Therapy and Acupuncture • Josh …

2018-08-05: [Acupuncture for treatment of depressive disorders in pain diseases]. - PubMed - NCBI


2018-08-03: Keeping the shark safe from thieves

2018-08-02: Acupuncture Fibromyalgia Relief Confirmed

2018-08-01: Grocery Shopping in America While Poor - CityLab

2018-08-01: Warm needle acupuncture in primary osteoporosis management: a systematic review and meta-analysis | …

2018-07-31: ‘We don’t practice to attain enlightenment, just as we don’t eat or breathe to be alive. Because …

2018-07-31: The Resonant Hum of Yin and Yang • Sabine Wilms • Qi043…

2018-07-29: Sunday morning



2018-07-24: ‘Don’t continue on with thoughts that have already arisen, and don’t arouse any that have not yet …

2018-07-24: ‘Don’t continue on with thoughts that have already arisen, and don’t arouse any that have not yet …

2018-07-24: ‘Don’t continue on with thoughts that have already arisen, and don’t arouse any that have not yet …

2018-07-24: ‘Don’t continue on with thoughts that have already arisen, and don’t arouse any that have not yet …

2018-07-24: The Response is the Treatment • Dan Bensky • Qi042…

2018-07-23: Acupuncture Benefits Stroke Patients Finding…

2018-07-23: Acupuncture Benefits Stroke Patients Finding…

2018-07-22: He decided that snuggling was not so bad after all

2018-07-22: Toward a Humanist Ethic: The Ten Non-Commandments

2018-07-22: Tai Chi Has Similar or Greater Benefits Than Aerobic Exercise for Fibromyalgia, Study Shows | NCCIH

2018-07-22: Cuyahoga Valley National Park




2018-07-21: Retraction: Comparison of acupuncture and other drugs for chronic constipation: A network …

2018-07-20: Acupuncture With Drug Therapy Depression Relief Confirmed

2018-07-18: Highland Square, Akron Ohio


2018-07-17: Considering Blood Stasis • Qi041 by Michael Max | With guest, Greg Livingston …

2018-07-16: Acupuncture for Chronic Pain: Update of an Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis. …

2018-07-13: Denver Firefighters Museum

2018-07-13: Denver Part 2




2018-07-12: Denver Colorado







2018-07-11: Denver street art

2018-07-11: The street art here is awesome

2018-07-11: Arthur- back after being AWOL for 3 months.

2018-07-11: Acupuncture and Herbs Eliminate Meniere’s Disease

2018-07-11: Guy goes AWOL for 3 months and the thinks that he can just lay around like he owns the place.

2018-07-10: In The Presence of The Emperor: Chinese Medicine Cardiology • Amos Ziv • Qi040 …

2018-07-09: Acupuncture helpful for patients with herniated discs.…

2018-07-09: ‘You have everything you need to master life, and you need everything you have. All your crankiness, …

2018-07-09: Acupuncture Herniated Disc Pain Finding

2018-07-09: Patients whose GP knows complementary medicine tend to have lower costs and live longer

2018-07-08: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

2018-07-08: Acupuncture Provides Parkinson’s Disease Relief




2018-07-01: North Hill Akron Ohio


2018-07-01: North Hill

2018-07-01: North Hill

2018-06-30: CrossFit’s “Holy War”: The Rise And Fall Of Its Science Crusader

2018-06-30: Battlefield acupuncture to treat low back pain in the emergency department. - PubMed - NCBI

2018-06-29: Application of Polyvagal Theory to Auricular Acupuncture

2018-06-26: ‘Buddha-nature is not a precious antique to be wrapped up in brocade and packed away in a box. Our …

2018-06-26: Allergy Relief with Acupuncture and Herbs…

2018-06-26: Acupuncture Found Effective for Postoperative Pain Relief

2018-06-21: Hui Neng ‘The teaching has no dualism, neither does the mind; the Way is pure, without any signs. You should …

2018-06-20: Overview of Treatment Guidelines and Clinical Practical Guidelines That Recommend the Use of …

2018-06-19: Listening Like Water: Depth and Connection As Part of The Healing Process • Margot Rossi • Qi037 - …

2018-06-17: Altered Brain Regional Homogeneity Following Electro-Acupuncture Stimulation at Sanyinjiao (SP6) in …

2018-06-15: Noninvasive Nonpharmacological Treatment for Chronic Pain: A Systematic Review | Effective Health …

2018-06-14: Peace

2018-06-14: Peace

2018-06-14: Comparison of acupuncture and other drugs for chronic constipation: A network meta-analysis

2018-06-13: [Acupuncture Treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Patients with Abdominal Obesity by Regulating …

2018-06-13: Acupuncture in Post-Date Pregnancy Management. - PubMed - NCBI

2018-06-12: LSD and magic mushrooms could heal damaged brain cells in people suffering from depression, study …

2018-06-12: Power of The Matrix: Clinical Application of the Jing Fang Tradition of Hu Xi-Shu & Feng Shi-Lun …

2018-06-11: Mood disorders and complementary and alternative medicine: a literature review

2018-06-09: Columbus Crew SC vs NY Red Bulls. Pride Night

2018-06-09: Corner kick with the special Pride Night corner flags

2018-06-09: Cooler in the shade

2018-06-09: Pride Night

2018-06-09: Columbus Crew SC v NY Red Bulls

2018-06-09: Hilarious Matchboxes Depict Cats Making Questionable Decisions | Colossal

2018-06-09: Acupuncture Found Effective for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

2018-06-09: Acupuncture for headache - Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health Publishing

2018-06-08: 미주한국불교 Korean Buddhism in The Americas

2018-06-08: Acupuncture relieves motion sickness via the IRβ-ERK1/2-dependent insulin receptor signalling …

2018-06-05: Focused Light: Using Lasers in the Acupuncture Clinic • Jim Sullivan • Qi035

2018-06-05: ‘You cannot escape from ignorance to attain enlightenment, because enlightenment is not somewhere …

2018-06-05: Does Ear Acupuncture Have a Role for Pain Relief in the Emergency Setting? A Systematic Review and …

2018-06-03: In praise of slow thinking and reading:…

2018-06-03: Good Morning Akron

2018-06-03: Effect of Acupuncture at LR3 on Cerebral Glucose Metabolism in a Rat Model of Hypertension: A …

2018-06-03: Insight into the biological effects of acupuncture points by X-ray absorption fine structure. - …

2018-06-03: Acupuncture as prophylaxis for chronic migraine: a protocol for a single-blinded, double-dummy …


2018-05-30: Westminster Presbyterian


2018-05-30: Acupuncture And Herbs Proven Effective For PID Treatment

2018-05-29: Finding The Way Through: Treating Psychoemotive Trauma With Acupuncture • Will Morris • Qi034 - …

2018-05-27: Taking a mental health day

2018-05-27: He’s taking a mental health day

2018-05-26: Acupuncture versus titrated morphine in acute renal colic: a randomized controlled trial

2018-05-26: Acupuncture and Drugs Found Equally Effective For Mild Depression




2018-05-26: Akron Art Museum



2018-05-26: Still can’t fit into a parking space


2018-05-26: A good reminder

2018-05-25: A Brief Zen Buddhist Catechism

2018-05-22: Treating Sciatic with Acupuncture

2018-05-22: “Whether you are a householder or one who has left home (i.e. a monk), you should simply cultivate …

2018-05-22: Acupuncture for Chronic Pain: Update of an Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis - ScienceDirect

2018-05-21: Bothered by hot flashes? Acupuncture might be the answer, analysis suggests – ScienceDaily

2018-05-20: Acupuncture Found Effective for Progressive Bulbar Palsy Treatment

2018-05-20: New Data Supports Acupuncture as a Treatment for Depression

2018-05-20: Breakfast Club. Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Riding etiquette dictates stopping to say good …

2018-05-20: Dinner was phenomenal

2018-05-20: Breakfast Club. Riding Rule #12: If the goats are out, you stop and say hello.

2018-05-20: It was really good

2018-05-19: Memorial stones

2018-05-19: Our new Pet Memorial garden

2018-05-19: Successful Treatment of Achilles Tendinopathy with Electroacupuncture: Two Cases



2018-05-19: Our new pet memorial garden

2018-05-18: Acupuncture Sports Alliance Conference 2018 - qiological


2018-05-18: Acupuncture Knee Arthritis Cartilage Repair Discovery

2018-05-16: Acupuncture Methamphetamine Addiction Discovery

2018-05-15: ‘We help people just because we wish to, not because we think we will be successful. Sentient beings …

2018-05-09: Gobbling up that Spring clover in the neighbor’s yard

2018-05-08: ‘If we’re open to embracing the surprises as they arise, then there will be inconceivable joy. If we …

2018-05-06: Wetmore Trailhead, Cuyahoga Valley National Park


2018-05-05: PTFD Retiree breakfast. War stories, pancakes, and a look at the new rig.

2018-05-05: The “No fun allowed” warning




2018-05-02: Sunbathing

2018-05-02: Sunbathing

2018-05-01: Great new Classical Chinese Medical text…

2018-05-01: Christian Temple

2018-05-01: “What do you think, monks? Are body…sensations…recognition…recognition… conscious awareness, …

2018-04-30: Driveway Security

2018-04-29: Driveway Security

2018-04-22: Cuyahoga River morning


2018-04-20: Operators are standing by

2018-04-20: Operators are standing by, ready to take your call.

2018-04-19: Shark Attack

2018-04-19: Shark Attack












2018-04-15: Captain Davy Jones

2018-04-13: Pinto Bean



2018-04-12: James

2018-04-12: Akron sewer expansion




2018-04-07: James

2018-04-07: Randy Butternubs






2018-03-25: Lock 4



2018-03-24: Good Morning

2018-03-10: #savethecrew

2018-03-08: For some odd reason I got a Penthouse Suite. Space for a small army and a great view.


2018-02-25: Arnold

2018-02-07: You wouldn’t know that there are six dog beds within ten feet of this chair.


2018-01-24: Fireplace worship

2018-01-22: Roommate squabble

2018-01-22: Hardly working


2017-12-10: Lap dog




2017-12-08: End of the work week







2017-11-24: One of these things is not like the other

2017-11-19: Yesterday we were able to take James back to the Correctional Facility where he was living after his …

2017-11-12: Kwan Um Sa

2017-11-12: Morning chanting preparation

2017-11-08: Lorna B

2017-11-08: Hiking buddy



2017-10-23: Team Meeting


2017-10-22: Yes, this is a thing. No, they don’t have any extra shirts with that sweet logo shown on the upper …


2017-10-03: For the record, he was there first.

2017-09-28: Napping

2017-09-24: Headrest

2017-09-16: After four hours of wrestling, they stopped for 2 minutes. Welcome to the family Lorna!

2017-08-29: Exhausted after the daily workout and meeting his fans


2017-08-13: Peanut butter and jelly collar is in service

2017-08-03: Angling for an invite. It looks fun in there.


2017-07-30: So very tired





2017-07-14: Today, napping together. Tomorrow, world domination.






2017-06-22: Things are quiet in Shipping and Receiving this afternoon.

2017-06-21: James has Boss in a scissors hold

2017-06-14: The Boy’s official registration. Apparently there are only 47 other Pit Bulls living in Akron.

2017-06-11: Sunbathing





2017-05-12: Instructions: 1. Place chin in Chin Scratcher 2. Scratch chin

2017-05-11: Don’t touch my Busy Bone

2017-05-08: Dr. Who




2017-04-17: Dyngus Day comes to a close



2017-04-03: Temple bell and Moktak



2017-03-26: Need

2017-03-26: Strange Bedfellows

2017-03-23: The camera adds 5 pounds, at least that’s what he thinks


2017-03-12: Celebrating being 14.5 years old today with her bodyguard



2017-02-19: Guy shows up after being AWOL for a month and thinks everything is cool. IT ISN’T. He’s …

2017-02-11: Randy has been fully assimilated. From stray cat to 100% couch potato.

2017-02-10: Cat in a kitten sized box


2017-02-03: The benefit of having an antique shop next to the office


2017-01-13: Icy

2017-01-07: It held me, twice

2017-01-07: Here it comes

2017-01-01: Onward


2017-01-01: Tree Nursery

2016-12-10: It wouldn’t budge for me……I’m not the one

2016-12-04: Boss the Bodyguard


2016-12-04: Morning Skate








2016-11-20: First Snow

2016-11-19: It is time for the lights

2016-11-09: Always good to see a Little Free Library in the neighborhood

2016-11-06: Kwan Um Sa Temple



2016-10-29: He can be evil, but we love him, that Randy Butternubs







2016-10-19: It is good to be Arthur today






2016-10-09: Big Bend

2016-10-07: There may be something a little odd about this new cat

2016-10-06: 20 lbs of Boss in a 10 lb bucket

2016-10-05: Progress





2016-09-11: It is not a home match without a weather delay





2016-08-15: I should have anticipated seeing that in the hallway.

2016-08-13: Lecturing at the Hershey Lodge means free chocolate

2016-07-31: Hazel Tree


2016-07-31: They’re still out there

2016-07-24: Another one gone

2016-07-17: Ledges Overlook

2016-07-17: Ice Box Cave

2016-07-17: Don’t be that guy









2016-06-26: Civic Theater

2016-06-26: Towpath


2016-06-26: The Banner


2016-06-19: StarLord

2016-06-19: Sidewalk sushi


2016-06-19: He liked it

2016-06-19: Pre-match


2016-06-19: The kids playing at halftime was actually more spirited than the match itself


2016-06-12: No Soliciting

2016-06-12: Porch Buddha

2016-06-05: Lock 3

2016-06-05: Lock 3


2016-05-29: Taking the pitch after a 90 minute weather delay

2016-05-29: Dresser graffiti

2016-05-29: Senior

2016-05-29: Plume

2016-05-22: Good Morning


2016-05-22: Antiques

2016-05-15: Y bridge

2016-05-15: Flying

2016-05-15: On duty

2016-05-15: Holy Trinity

2016-05-15: Wesley AME

2016-05-15: Northside

2016-05-13: The prevailing mood here today. Photo of Professor Plum courtesy of @stephaniejsivula

2016-05-08: Love that flag

2016-05-08: Star-Lord

2016-05-08: Watching

2016-05-08: Star-Lord on the left, as-yet-unnamed on the right. Two of our ferals.

2016-04-30: Tower

2016-04-24: Herd of Cairns

2016-04-24: Peace Garden Bench

2016-04-24: Palyul Temple

2016-04-24: Foggy

2016-04-22: Aspiring car mechanic. He loves to be upside down.

2016-04-20: The old girl dreaming in the late afternoon sun, hopefully of running fast and having fun.




2016-04-17: NYCFC fan section





2016-04-10: Weathered

2016-04-10: Station 12

2016-04-03: Snowy birds

2016-04-03: You won’t be seeing this one on Treehouse Masters

2016-04-03: Flower pot cairn

2016-03-27: A bit untraditional but good style

2016-03-27: Skyline

2016-03-27: Good morning

2016-03-20: Front gate

2016-03-20: Snowy Sunday

2016-03-20: First day of Spring

2016-03-13: You’re not going to find that anywhere else

2016-03-13: Touchdown Buddha is my favorite Buddha

2016-03-13: Cairn #345

2016-03-13: Great planters

2016-03-13: Be right back

2016-03-13: Kitty Cat gang signs

2016-03-06: City Cleaners

2016-03-06: I’m fairly certain that he’s not neutered

2016-03-06: A little rusty

2016-03-06: Goodbye West Point Market

2016-03-06: Rock Garden

2016-02-28: Early Mass

2016-02-28: St Sebastian

2016-02-28: After all, it is only a game

2016-02-28: Custom garage door

2016-02-28: Gettin it


2016-02-21: Waiting patiently

2016-02-21: Selle Generator

2016-02-21: Selle


2016-02-14: Five below

2016-02-14: Squatting in a broken streetlight

2016-02-14: Cold paws

2016-02-08: Strange fungal disease in the Bonsai? No, just cat hair.

2016-02-07: Express Cuts

2016-02-07: Redeemer

2016-02-07: Early service

2016-02-07: North Hill Library

2016-02-07: Trinity UCC

2016-02-07: Crest bakery

2016-02-07: Crave

2016-02-07: 3 Point

2016-02-07: Musica

2016-02-07: Musica

2016-02-07: Huntington

2016-02-06: Two more

2016-02-06: Harmony

2016-02-06: Wandering Troubadour

2016-01-31: State Street

2016-01-31: Nuevo

2016-01-31: Morning skate session

2016-01-31: Greystone Hall

2016-01-31: Lock 3

2016-01-31: Ready

2016-01-24: Two faced


2016-01-24: Warming up

2016-01-24: Steamy

2016-01-24: Torched

2016-01-17: Indoor nerd sighting

2016-01-17: Frosty

2016-01-17: Gets the message across with a lower risk of vandalism.

2016-01-17: This will happen about 500 times in Akron this year.

2016-01-01: Porch lighting

2016-01-01: Windy

2016-01-01: Live window display

2016-01-01: Bark

2016-01-01: New Years Day gossip session

2015-12-26: Mr. Green

2015-12-20: Floating

2015-12-20: Rings

2015-12-20: Ice water

2015-12-13: House of Hunan

2015-12-13: Mini-cairn

2015-12-13: Hampton Hills

2015-12-06: Pilgrim UCC

2015-12-06: Red Garage

2015-12-06: Levinsons

2015-12-06: Cuyahoga River heading for Akron

2015-12-06: Hearts

2015-12-05: Weird fog tonight

2015-12-03: It’s time

2015-11-29: Terminal Tower

2015-11-29: Glendale Steps 2

2015-11-29: Glendale steps

2015-11-26: Curious

2015-11-23: Kei Kamara visits the office

2015-11-22: Akron General

2015-11-22: Blight

2015-11-22: Hattie Larlham Food Terminal construction. Something cool is happening in those shipping containers.

2015-11-19: Professor Plum checking the support structure on the new cat shelves.

2015-11-15: Morgan, sunbathing

2015-11-15: Northside

2015-11-15: Blooms

2015-11-13: The hallway of snowflakes

2015-11-13: Happiness is a new Soggy Doggy bed.

2015-11-08: Columbus Crew SC v Montreal Impact

2015-11-08: John Brown House

2015-11-08: Perkins Mansion

2015-11-06: 66 degrees. This day last year- blizzard.

2015-11-04: Morgan

2015-11-01: Braced

2015-11-01: Garden glass

2015-11-01: Dew

2015-11-01: Slow decay

2015-10-26: Moon over Richfield

2015-10-25: I think this one is called “The Grinch.”

2015-10-25: In Service

2015-10-25: Classic

2015-10-23: There is no reason to use a flexi-lead. Ever.

2015-10-18: In progress, slowly

2015-10-18: Touchdown pumpkin

2015-10-18: Fall is definitely in the air

2015-10-18: Coffee shop cairn! Well done!

2015-10-11: For sale. A guy could fit a LOT of cats in there.

2015-10-11: One up, one down

2015-10-11: Nature finds a way

2015-10-11: The slow decay begins

2015-10-08: Professor Plum works for Customs inspecting packages when he needs extra cash to support his catnip …

2015-10-04: Morning Bath

2015-10-04: Lock 4

2015-10-04: The Civic

2015-10-04: Water Street

2015-10-01: Night Sky

2015-09-27: Climbers

2015-09-27: Edgerton Community Garden

2015-09-27: Get off my lawn

2015-09-27: Transition

2015-09-24: Custom notebook cover by @stephaniejsivula . Be jealous.#nockshots

2015-09-22: Working hard or hardly working?

2015-09-20: There’s some good reading in there

2015-09-20: The Eblen

2015-09-20: Resting

2015-09-20: Garden Buddha #23

2015-09-20: Good Morning

2015-09-09: Another great one

2015-09-06: Tristan

2015-09-06: Mega-Cairn

2015-09-06: Garden Prayers

2015-09-06: Windowsill

2015-09-06: Science Experiment

2015-09-06: Gravity wins every time

2015-09-06: Little Free Library

2015-09-06: Yes, those are beer cups

2015-09-06: You can paint over his name all you want- we’ll never forget you Don.

2015-09-06: Sidewalk repair

2015-09-06: Innovative Garden Seating

2015-09-06: So true

2015-09-06: St. Francis

2015-08-16: Bless the black Greyhound

2015-08-13: That’s just what we do

2015-08-09: Cub Cadet Field, UA Soccer

2015-08-09: The Starting Five

2015-08-09: Not for sale (yet)

2015-08-09: Through the window at St. Bernard’s

2015-08-09: St. Bernard’s

2015-08-09: Akron Children’s

2015-08-08: 5 minute penalty for slashing

2015-08-02: Waiting for the next big thing.

2015-08-02: Sand Run

2015-08-02: You’ll never regret stopping to build a Cairn.

2015-08-02: I hate when the teacher hangs out at the front of my mat.

2015-07-31: Blue Moon to follow

2015-07-19: That camouflage pattern is called “paint splatter “

2015-07-19: The Westview

2015-07-19: Here comes another one

2015-07-19: Without a doubt

2015-07-15: Afternoon meditation

2015-07-05: Children’s Hospital.

2015-07-05: Outside Children’s Hospital. Probably not the best placement.

2015-07-05: I never got the fake canal boat thing.

2015-07-05: Cascade Plaza

2015-07-05: Lock 3 Mural

2015-07-05: Sometimes that “Out of Breath ” feeling is called for.

2015-07-04: Corner Kick

2015-06-28: Saint Vincent’s. Open for business.

2015-06-28: Exchange Street

2015-06-28: Glendale

2015-06-28: Akron Children’s Hospital

2015-06-28: Great Balance

2015-06-28: Akron Children’s

2015-06-28: Now that’s the way to do it!

2015-06-28: Hyde Avenue Cairn #2

2015-06-21: Home

2015-06-21: Edgerton Community Garden

2015-06-21: Garden Buddha

2015-06-21: The Anne

2015-06-21: Mustard Seed

2015-06-21: Front Steps

2015-06-21: Hidden Oasis

2015-06-20: Altar Flowers

2015-06-20: Pilgrim Square

2015-06-16: Keep Off

2015-06-14: Highbridge Trail

2015-06-14: Picasso’s Kave

2015-06-14: Land of Plenty

2015-06-14: Don’t take the bait.

2015-06-14: State Road

2015-06-12: Happy Face

2015-06-11: Yoshi and the Buddha

2015-06-10: Morgan the Librarian

2015-06-10: Singing Bowl

2015-06-07: Final thoughts before kickoff

2015-06-07: Warmup Hijinx

2015-06-07: Right place at the right time

2015-06-07: Important Safety Tip

2015-06-07: Wall Art

2015-06-07: Glens Trail

2015-06-05: The Office Garden

2015-05-31: Gorge Trail

2015-05-31: Go right

2015-05-31: Gorge Trail

2015-05-31: Steps

2015-05-24: Aqueduct Street

2015-05-24: Frank’s Place

2015-05-24: An upgrade on the famous leg lamp.

2015-05-24: She looks like my High School Chemistry teacher. Some of you know who I mean.

2015-05-24: Something very interesting is just to the left

2015-05-24: Tom Brady lives on the next street over

2015-05-24: Happy Memorial Day

2015-05-23: Meditation Assistant

2015-05-17: It took ten years but it turned out great.

2015-05-17: Blooming

2015-05-17: Highland Square porch gnome

2015-05-17: They’re happy

2015-05-17: Still miss this guy. One tough kitty.

2015-05-11: Professor Plum does afternoon box meditation

2015-05-10: Plum loves frosting

2015-05-03: We currently have a vacancy on Level 2.

2015-05-03: Saint Anthony

2015-05-03: Waters Park

2015-05-03: Saint Thomas Hospital

2015-05-03: North Hill Community House

2015-05-03: Shelton Temple Prayer

2015-05-03: Hells Angels Akron. No cell phones in the clubhouse

2015-05-03: Neon Cactus recording studio

2015-05-03: Surprised on Silver Street.

2015-05-02: Goalkeeper. Minutes of boredom interrupted by moments of sheer terror.

2015-04-25: Bad Attitude

2015-04-19: Silver Street. Akron loves basketball.

2015-04-19: First Congregational Akron

2015-04-19: Mile 35

2015-04-19: West Hill Hardware. Extra windows are out back.

2015-04-19: Sunrise

2015-04-19: Akron General Parking

2015-04-19: Another great morning

2015-04-18: A little band work never hurts. Orlando City FC.

2015-04-17: I checked, Amazon is sold out of the window beds for people.

2015-04-13: There’s nothing over there. They’re just crazy old ladies.


2015-04-12: Someone must have pissed in Screamy’s cornflakes

2015-04-12: Early morning Cuyahoga

2015-04-12: Blue Heron Paparazzi

2015-04-12: Some sort of disagreement over where to go to breakfast.

2015-04-11: Lunch with Mum

2015-04-11: Retired

2015-04-11: King of all he surveys

2015-04-05: Peace

2015-04-05: Cairn #569. Little Cuyahoga River

2015-04-05: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle having breakfast

2015-03-31: Googly eyes are only available on the deluxe model

2015-03-29: Elizabeth Missionary Baptist

2015-03-29: Y Bridge

2015-03-29: Brick and Block

2015-03-29: North Street, Akron.

2015-03-29: The rare tie-dyed roses

2015-03-28: In progress, slowly

2015-03-28: NOT an edible mushroom

2015-03-22: Greystone Hall

2015-03-22: Musica

2015-03-22: Lock 3

2015-03-22: Outside Canal Park

2015-03-22: Time to move on

2015-03-22: Downtown

2015-03-15: It was even a long winter for the Buddha

2015-03-15: Lots of little prayers released into the wind

2015-03-15: Next step, planting.

2015-03-15: The sun is a delicious lemon, finally.

2015-03-08: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

2015-02-19: Jake rules

2015-02-19: Try saying that without smiling

2015-02-19: Yep

2015-02-19: Arnold looks phenomenal

2015-02-08: Out of four kids, I got the tricky name.

2015-01-25: He’ll be gone before the next train shows up.

2015-01-25: Not something you see everyday. Caught him during breakfast.

2015-01-25: The rules apply to everyone but this guy and his dog

2015-01-25: Cleveland is that way.

2015-01-18: Try doing that with a Jack Russell Terrier. It would just look bad.

2015-01-18: I would kill for Santa’s grip strength.

2015-01-18: The blue house down on the right. You’ll find it, no problem.

2015-01-18: A nice contrast.

2015-01-11: It reminds me of a Tim Burton movie. What the hell is supposed to happen up there? Besides the …

2015-01-11: I thought that he was waiting for the bus. At 0 degrees it was really too cold to be without a …

2015-01-11: It is like finding a unicorn- 200 yards of contiguous shoveled sidewalk.

2015-01-11: I never get the logic of the side by side hair studios

2015-01-11: The holiday spirit endures

2015-01-08: Quality lap time with Yoshi

2015-01-04: Political commentary with your shoe repair. (Kim Jong Un).

2015-01-04: I’m hoping the “Thank You” at the bottom helps with compliance.

2015-01-04: Low Rider

2015-01-04: An unusual shrine

2015-01-04: Work in progress

2014-12-27: Hyde Ave Cairn

2014-12-27: Mutton Hill Akron

2014-12-27: Downtown from West Hill

2014-12-27: Akron Women’s Club

2014-12-26: Old Lady in the morning

2014-12-21: Peace

2014-12-21: Little Free Library, Highland Square. For your reading pleasure.

2014-12-21: Composting never sleeps. Making good stuff out of bad stuff.

2014-12-18: Richfield Historical Society

2014-12-18: Richfield Tavern

2014-12-07: Love this tree

2014-11-16: Morpheus is popular with the ladies

2014-11-16: Fishing

2014-11-16: North Hill

2014-11-16: Memorial Parkway

2014-11-09: Always lock your ride

2014-11-09: Fall is that way

2014-11-09: BF Goodrich

2014-11-02: Rooftop hunter

2014-11-02: Thanks for the new Maple tree Akron! She’ll drink 65 gallons of runoff this month.

2014-11-02: St. Vincents Elementary School

2014-11-02: Glendale Steps

2014-11-02: Downtown Akron

2014-10-05: Welcome Home

2014-10-05: The Merriman

2014-10-05: The Market Path has everything you need.

2014-10-05: Good advice

2014-09-30: If you’re going to dress up, we need to do something about that hair.

2014-09-28: First Grace

2014-09-28: Northside Station

2014-09-28: Good Morning Akron

2014-09-20: Thank you for your service #crew96

2014-09-20: Frankie’s big night! #crew96

2014-09-13: Good room with a view of the Columbia River

2014-09-01: Tree mutilation. I hope that you fought a lot during those five years.

2014-09-01: The path less traveled

2014-08-31: Foggy

2014-08-31: Illicit Cairn project #23

2014-08-31: You don’t often see John Denver lyrics on a park bench.

2014-08-30: And I believe we have a stalemate.

2014-08-27: Freshly seeded and awaiting a new owner

2014-08-24: Flowing

2014-08-24: This way

2014-08-17: The parts of life left behind

2014-08-17: Temple

2014-08-17: Oasis

2014-08-17: New Directions

2014-08-17: Weathered

2014-08-16: Let’s go Crew! #crew96

2014-08-10: The final result. LeBron James Foundation rehab project.

2014-08-10: Hello Sunshine

2014-08-10: Don Drumm

2014-08-10: Welcome GG9!

2014-08-10: The Westminster

2014-08-10: I waved back

2014-08-10: A little WD-40 and she’s ready for Spin Class

2014-08-10: It was a wonderful thing

2014-08-03: LeBron James Foundation/ Rehab Addict makeover house just two streets over from us!

2014-08-03: Balloon fence

2014-08-03: The homemade version

2014-08-03: Another two houses gone

2014-07-31: Afternoon meditation

2014-07-27: It is going to be great. Bitches smoking and all.

2014-07-27: I agree

2014-07-27: Good Morning

2014-07-25: So freaking tired that he can’t keep his tongue in.

2014-07-18: Warm concrete is great for napping

2014-07-18: Friday night bee party

2014-07-18: Our altar

2014-07-15: We grow good clouds here

2014-07-13: There’s a lot of grazing to do.

2014-07-13: 1st shift getting ready

2014-07-13: 3rd shift grazing

2014-07-13: They’re here, they’re hungry and they don’t care that the job is on a vertical …

2014-07-13: Future planning. Just my first name, like a Brazilian footballer.

2014-07-05: I got taken down by a fake dog with no legs today.

2014-06-29: Ten days later and it still smells like smoke

2014-06-29: Built 100 years ago. The same year World War I started.

2014-06-29: Only slightly creepy

2014-06-29: Seems legit

2014-06-29: Our new neighbor. He’s got his own tire.

2014-06-29: Henri would like his breakfast now please

2014-06-20: Don’t play with matches kids

2014-06-15: Rookies

2014-06-15: Morning Mom Discussion

2014-06-15: Breakfast at the Great Blue Heron Cafe

2014-06-15: Railroad flood damage

2014-06-15: Morning on the Cuyahoga

2014-06-11: Merriman Valley

2014-06-08: OSHA mandated rest break

2014-06-08: Cat condo shenanigans

2014-06-08: Thanks Bees for all you do

2014-06-08: Faye

2014-06-01: Cairn

2014-06-01: Cairn field

2014-05-31: Backyard party

2014-05-25: Steamy

2014-05-25: Cadillac Hill

2014-05-25: Glendale Cemetery

2014-05-18: Mustill Store Spillway

2014-05-18: Morning drink from the Cuyahoga

2014-05-18: Mustill Store

2014-05-18: Dandelion

2014-05-18: Y Bridge

2014-05-11: Supervising

2014-05-11: Safety Forces Center Akron

2014-05-11: Sometimes you need one.

2014-05-11: Spring, finally.

2014-05-11: Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

2014-05-07: The phone book fairy was here. We didn’t need one and definitely not four.

2014-05-05: Late night kitten fight

2014-05-05: St. Paul Akron

2014-05-04: Just in case

2014-05-04: In case of emergency

2014-05-04: Expert supervision

2014-05-04: Old treadmill gone. New one on the way.

2014-05-04: I hate the name. Bring back the Aeros.

2014-04-29: Not available on the app store

2014-04-27: Mustard Seed Market rising

2014-04-27: Shingles needed

2014-04-27: The Astrology market just isn’t picking up

2014-04-27: Marked for Death

2014-04-27: Another one lost

2014-04-27: Welcome Back

2014-04-26: Another fantastic night at Crew Stadium! #crew96

2014-04-20: Lady Bitches: now available in BFF packs!


2014-04-20: Crew media

2014-04-20: Frankie Hejduk for President

2014-04-20: Corner kick

2014-04-20: She got the ten game package, the upgrade to field seats and free drinks for the night!

2014-04-20: She wants the ten game package

2014-04-13: Mr. Green

2014-04-13: St. Vincent’s

2014-04-13: Roots

2014-03-30: Work

2014-03-30: Sunbathing

2014-02-28: He didn’t like me very much yesterday when I had to treat him, but we’re buds again …



2014-02-02: Crooked River

2014-02-02: Rooms Available Spring 2014. Only Blue Herons need apply.

2014-01-25: Teavana Black Dragon Pearl courtesy of @sisu565

2014-01-25: Mr. Green is controlling the remote tonight. He wants to watch COPS.

2014-01-25: Snowy Saturday

2014-01-22: Off day. Poler Napsack, cats, couch and fireplace. Not shown- PlayStation controller (hidden inside …

2014-01-13: Professor Plum provides office door security

2014-01-04: If you stay at my house I’m going to sleep on your jacket.

2013-12-29: Angel Falls

2013-12-29: Mary Coyle

2013-12-22: Winter

2013-12-22: Impassable indeed.

2013-12-22: Towpath submerged

2013-12-12: Mr. Green

2013-12-12: Richfield Tavern

2013-12-12: Happy Christmas

2013-12-12: Richfield at night

2013-12-02: You can take our PlayStation but you can’t take our spirit.

2013-12-01: Bent

2013-11-17: Crazy Greyhound head shake

2013-11-17: Stevie Wonder

2013-11-17: Taco part two

2013-11-17: Taco

2013-11-17: Yoshi has a cousin in Wisconsin

2013-11-10: Big Bend

2013-11-10: Trail Cairn

2013-11-10: Big Bend

2013-11-03: Merriman Valley

2013-11-03: Beech tree over the Cuyahoga

2013-11-03: Schumacher Trail

2013-10-27: Reluctant Participant

2013-10-27: The Market Path

2013-10-27: Creepy

2013-10-27: Our new neighbor

2013-10-19: Medical Acupuncture, Dancing Paws style

2013-10-13: School libraries are cool

2013-10-13: Highland Square sidewalk art

2013-10-13: Mustard Seed Market construction

2013-10-13: Apparently skateboarding is a crime

2013-10-04: Windowsill Stakeout

2013-09-29: Coffee reflection

2013-09-29: Coffee bloom

2013-09-29: Sand Run

2013-09-29: Happy National Coffee Day!

2013-09-22: Hey Ladies

2013-09-22: Dragon Trading

2013-09-22: Blue Hen Yoga

2013-09-22: Back Door

2013-09-22: Watching

2013-09-22: Morning

2013-09-22: Angel Falls

2013-09-22: Highland Square Enzo

2013-09-19: Thankfully we have a couch in our consultation room so JJ can get some rest.

2013-09-15: Expert Instruction

2013-09-15: On Target

2013-09-14: Portage Path

2013-09-14: Garden Rest Stop

2013-09-14: Deep Roots

2013-09-14: Summit County Historical Society

2013-09-14: John Brown House Garden

2013-09-08: Sand Run Parkway

2013-09-08: Sand Run Cairn 3

2013-09-08: Sand Run Cairn 2

2013-09-08: Sand Run Cairn 1

2013-08-25: Westminster

2013-08-25: Westminster Presbyterian

2013-08-25: Tied In

2013-08-25: Highland Theater

2013-08-25: Looking for breakfast

2013-08-25: Good luck little fella

2013-08-18: Our Church of the Saviour

2013-08-18: Tangier

2013-08-18: Highland Theater

2013-08-11: Standpipe

2013-08-11: Quaker Square

2013-08-04: Diagnosis Neurosis

2013-08-04: Bloomfield Avenue

2013-07-28: Support

2013-07-28: Coal Train

2013-07-28: Polymer Center

2013-07-28: Akron Polymer

2013-07-28: Limited Effectiveness

2013-07-28: Linear

2013-07-28: Echinacea

2013-07-21: Finally! Walk the extra fifteen steps you lazy slobs.

2013-07-14: West End

2013-07-14: Waiting for adoption

2013-07-14: One of a Kind Pets

2013-07-14: Wallhaven

2013-07-07: Boss has discovered fireflies. His neck is going to need some work later.

2013-07-07: Peninsula Station

2013-07-07: Boston Store

2013-07-07: Be Sure

2013-07-07: Railroad Cairn

2013-07-07: Fishing for breakfast

2013-07-03: Puss in Boots

2013-06-30: Firefly Music

2013-06-30: Library Frog

2013-06-30: Artist upgrade needed

2013-06-30: Happy Gardner

2013-06-30: Early morning

2013-06-24: Richfield voodoo mask

2013-06-23: Portage Path

2013-06-23: Angel Falls mural

2013-06-23: We’ll never forget you LeBron Jones

2013-06-23: Market Season!

2013-06-23: Portage Path Cleaners

2013-06-22: Rooftop Peach

2013-06-21: Fast hair

2013-06-16: Juice Part 2

2013-06-16: Old School Akron

2013-06-16: Fear the Roo

2013-06-16: In Progress

2013-06-16: Ready

2013-06-12: Taking a smoke break with JJ

2013-06-11: I want to come back as a cat. I don’t know how he even gets his head around like that. Yoshi …

2013-06-10: Morning Sentry

2013-06-10: Gwalior

2013-06-10: Working Dog Weekend

2013-06-09: Juice

2013-06-09: Split

2013-06-07: A mystery Buddha showed up in our garden today. We have great friends.

2013-06-03: Sunday morning

2013-06-03: Akron Police Memorial

2013-06-03: Cairn

2013-06-03: Highland Square Treehuggers

2013-05-28: Swinging




2013-05-20: Ghetto parkour

2013-05-20: Pallet planter




2013-05-20: Sunday brunch club

2013-05-20: In Bloom

2013-05-20: Thanks for littering

2013-05-20: Broken

2013-05-20: Akron Towpath

2013-05-20: Blowing off steam

2013-05-20: Vaccination update

2013-05-20: Speaker of the day

2013-05-20: Squatter

2013-05-13: Blessed rain barrels

2013-05-13: St. Sebastian’s

2013-05-13: Bliss

2013-05-06: One working hard, one hardly working (actually not working at all)

2013-05-06: Next stop, Chemnitz.

2013-05-06: He talks, I listen

2013-05-06: Deuce on the loose

2013-05-06: Behind the Civic

2013-05-06: Canal Square

2013-05-06: Under the bridge

2013-05-06: Canal Locks diagram

2013-05-06: Canal Park

2013-05-06: Children’s Hospital Garden

2013-05-06: Photobomb

2013-05-06: Highland Square Koi

2013-04-30: Essential oils working their magic

2013-04-30: Late afternoon nap

2013-04-29: Caution

2013-04-29: Welcome

2013-04-29: Portage Path

2013-04-26: Morning Sun Worship

2013-04-23: An industrious bird is nesting in the traffic light outside our office.

2013-04-22: Be Cool

2013-04-22: Yes, she does go outside.

2013-04-22: Keep Out

2013-04-22: They went that way

2013-04-21: She wants to be your friend

2013-04-08: Sign me up!

2013-04-08: Station 3

2013-04-08: Dogs not needed

2013-04-08: Cathedral

2013-04-08: Wally World here we come!

2013-03-29: Pygmy goat invasion at Dancing Paws

2013-03-18: One for Show, One for Go

2013-03-18: Take The Lane, Baby.

2013-03-08: Porch Toast

2013-01-19: You’re gonna need a bigger bed.

2013-01-06: Cat in a dog bed

2012-12-24: Strange bedfellows

2012-12-22: My Christmas mustache


2012-12-09: True story.

2012-12-08: PB and celery is just about the tastiest snack I’ve had in a while.

2012-11-02: Mommy’s away, I get Yoshi at my desk.

2012-10-26: Bed time Beans says, shut off that damn light already.

2012-10-23: Taking a study break

2012-10-19: Bubbly

2012-10-17: The Night Shift

2012-10-15: JJ’s first day supervising the front office.

2012-10-14: Keep it down, folks. Trying to get some shut eye here.

2012-10-14: Chang gets some Craniosacral therapy

2012-10-08: The new guy

2012-09-16: Meditation before another busy work week

2012-08-26: Sunday afternoon work session.

2012-08-23: Acupuncture after a long day

2012-08-23: Duke

2012-08-21: RIP Big Black

2012-08-18: This Mead is Toast approved

2012-08-18: Hard at work