Book Review- Pit Bull Heroes, by Greg Murray

I was greatly anticipating reading Greg Murray’s new book, Pit Bull Heroes. My wife and I first met Greg when he photographed our adopted Pit Bulls as part of a promotion for the Cleveland APL, the facility where we adopted our dogs. We found Greg to be a skilled and passionate photographer who was able to portray the love we have for our dogs and the love that they have for each other. We were honored when Greg asked us to participate in the project that became this book.

Through contact with Greg during the time he was photographing dogs for the book, our excitement began to build as we saw the extent of time, effort, and love for Pit Bulls that Greg put forth in traveling to photograph both dogs in the Northeast Ohio area as well as those around the country.

To see the finished product was nothing short of amazing. There is no way that the stories of these wonderful dogs could be told without the combination of Greg’s writing as well as his exceptional photographs, which really capture the spirit of these dogs. Their stories of hardship, abuse, redemption, and love will warm your soul. I could not put the book down once I opened it and I defy anyone to read this book without experiencing the full range of emotions from tears to joy.

The bonus material about ending Breed Specific Legislation and how to introduce children to dogs is a great addition and will be a wonderful resource for readers.

This book is a must for anyone who loves Pit Bulls or is simply curious about the lives of a sampling of Pit Bulls that have needed us to be rescued and loved. It will change the way you think about these dogs forever.

Neal J. Sivula @nealjsivula